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Chrissie Cole

Carnival Cruise Lines Sued in Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

A medical malpractice lawsuit filed in Miami federal court alleges the Carnival Cruise Ship infirmary staff, committed malpractice when they gave a passenger the wrong medication.The lawsuit alleges the ship’s doctor and infirmary staff mistreated and misdiagnosed a 73-year-old passenger, resulting in her death, according to court documents.On September 6, 2006, the woman was suffering from a…

Chrissie Cole

Judge Dismisses Sponge-Surgery Lawsuit

The family of a man who died after his surgeons left a sponge inside his abdomen filed a medical malpractice suit just one day too late, ruled a judge who threw out the case on the grounds that the statute of limitations was up by a day.According to the state law, the statute of limitations for a medical malpractice case is three years from the date of injury. Whether the “injury” date was…