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Nalgene Removes Water Bottles From Stores Due to Potential Health Concerns

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Nalgene has decided that it will remove some of its hard-plastic products made with bisphenol, or BPA, from stores during the next few months because the chemical may cause health problems.  The company decided to substitute the plastic after reports stated that the Canadian government would label BPA as a toxic chemical and some animal studies showed harmful effects.

The general manager of the Nalgene unit, Steven Siverman, said in a statement, “Based on all available scientific evidence, we continue to believe that Nalgene products containing BPA are safe for their intended use.  However, our customers indicated they preferred BPA-free alternatives, and we acted in response to those concerns.”

A study completed on rats demonstrated that some of the rats that were fed or injected with low doses of BPA developed precancerous tumors, urinary tract infections, and reached puberty early.  This evidence shows that there is a possibility that the chemical could alter human development.  The American Chemistry Council has asked the FDA to review the chemical.

Also, some of Canada’s retailers, including Wal-Mart, have decided to remove food-related products that contain the chemical, such as baby bottles and food containers, from their shelves.

The chemical has been used on the interiors of cans in an exopy resin to extend the shelf life of its contents and to prevent the contents from tasting like metal.