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Worker Dies in Construction Accident

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Following a deadly construction accident, local and federal inspectors are continuing to investigate as to what caused a 2-ton concrete slab to crash through five stories of a building, killing a construction worker.

“Until we have determined what actually led to the collapse of the floor plank, I can’t make that determination (if the building is secure),” said John Meyer, commissioner of the Yonkers Department of Housing and Buildings, who issued a stop-work order that will remain in effect until inspectors conclude the investigation.

Authorities have identified the worker that was killed as Gregory B. of Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania. Him and another man were resetting a concrete slab on the sixth floor of a construction site when it slipped out of the groove.

Gregory was on the slab when it fell and plunged five stories, while the co-worker was able to jump off. He was found on the third floor with severe head injuries and died shortly after.

Contractor JH Mack LLC worked after the accident to remove concrete floor slabs that had shifted out of position during the collapse.

A structural engineer and a manufacturer of pre-cast concrete planks were evaluating the building to see if more remedial action was needed to stabilize the unfinished structure, Meyer said.

U.S. Occupations Safety and Health Administration are investigating the accident to determine if proper safety procedures were in place and being followed.

Most all construction work is hazardous, said OSHA area director. “However there are processes and procedures and equipment that exist to ensure the work is done safely.

This construction accident highlights the risks of working in the construction industry which has more on-the-job fatalities than any other civilian occupation.