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Dear Wegmans,

I have held my tongue long enough, but it is now time to speak. I understand that as a supermarket giant there will be times when you face that nasty word “recall” and, believe me, I get it, especially when you have no control over products manufactured by other companies. But, that having been said, 3 recalls of products bearing the Wegmans name in the last week is crazy, especially when one of them is your Organic Spinach & Spring Salad Mix, which was recalled due to E. coli contamination!

You are starting to worry me. Your stores are my stores; your culture is my culture. I rise and fall with you and it pains me that these concerns have invaded my sleep, causing me to dream about shopping at “TOPS”. That’s right, your major competitor who, as far as I can tell, has had no recalls of its own products in 2012, let alone 3 in the last week.

I suppose you might suggest that since the Wegmans name appears on so many more products than the TOPS name, it is not statistically significant that you have more recalls. Unfortunately, that simply doesn’t fly with me since a food recall because of E. coli contamination jeopardizes my health and the health of my family and friends. Think about it this way, I work out and try to eat unprocessed foods, as well as more salads and fresh vegetables, all with the goal of bettering my health. So, you have to understand that when I fear eating spinach and salad mix from your supermarket, lest I might ingest E. coli, it defeats the entire purpose of trying to be healthy.

I really do appreciate that you immediately jump on these things and contact customers who have bought the products being recalled. However, with fresh items like salad, or your scrumptious baked goods, such as the recalled Pumpkin Roll, which may have contained pieces of plastic, the chances of them not being eaten by the time I am notified of the recall are slim to none.

You are leaving me with only a couple of options…. either eat unhealthy packaged foods with enough preservatives to kill any bacteria or, perhaps, shop elsewhere. Although I am always looking for an excuse to return to my old habit of downing processed foods, I must remain strong for my children’s sake. So, shopping at TOPS might be my only option.

As I am writing this, however, I feel myself losing the resolve to change my routine and begin courting your competitor. I am getting sentimental because I have loved you for over 25 years, since I moved to Buffalo and you enticed me into your store and made me fall for you. I want to give you another chance. I want you to be the Wegmans I was smitten by so many years ago and to which I have become so attached. I don’t want to pass your majestic stores and not come in, as I normally would on numerous occasions during the week, for a quick peek at what might be prepared for dinner, to pick up a prescription or buy a last minute birthday card, in addition to the big weekly Sunday shopping. I want you to promise me that you will look into your quality control and not make me worry about more recalls. I want you to offer the public an apology and pledge to do better. Please don’t force me to end our long-standing romance.

Very truly yours,

Stephanie Gelber


  1. Gravatar for GIOVANNA COUGHLIN

    I have been a Wegmans shopper for almost all mu life. I recently moved to Florida where I LONG for a supermarket close to Wegmans with no avail. to know that my Favorite supermarket in the whole world is having 3 recalls in ONE WEEK, is upsetting..I have faith that Wegmans WILL do everything in their power for this not to occur. Don't let me down Wegmans!!!! G. Coughlin

  2. Gravatar for John McKiggan


    Great point. Most people don't realize the dangers of e-coli.

    Sometimes it is hard to keep track of the bad news.

    A tip for your readers: Go to the FDA's website and sign up for their recall, withdrawal and safety alerts.

    Keep up the good work.

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