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I would like to share how my day started today since, for a change, I found myself smiling before 8:00 am! My husband Hersch and I left home and headed for Starbucks on the way into the office where, yes, we work together as attorneys. After waiting the usual 5 minutes or so in the line-up of cars to place our order, which daily consists of a tall black-eye with one sweet & low for Hersch and a tall iced black-eye (and a spinach feta wrap) for me, we were advised of the usual $10+ cost, of which we can discuss the extravagance another time. We then pulled up to the next window to pay. I handed up my gold Starbucks card to one of my favorite baristas, who advised that there was no need for it, as the woman in the car in front of us paid for our order! That brought a smile to my face. Of course, however, the lawyer in me then kicked in.

Who was it, I asked? She said I do not know. Are you sure, I asked? She said yes. Why did she pay, I asked? She said because the woman in front of her paid for her order. Why did that woman pay for her, I asked? She said I don’t know. Then she said I guess you could pay for the person in line behind you. Great idea, I said. When I heard the cost of the order of the person behind me, I realized that I saved a bit of money as compared to my order and smiled again. As the saying goes, I paid it forward.

After leaving Starbucks, I couldn’t help but wonder how many others behind me continued to pay it forward. I did learn after a little research upon my arrival at the office that in December of 2012, at a Tim Horton’s up in Winnipeg, there was a three hour pay it forward chain. I don’t know whether my local Starbucks has that kind of steady volume, but I will inquire during my daily run tomorrow morning.

This experience did, however, get me to thinking that we should all make a point of paying it forward more often, since it not only helps someone else out but, also, enhances our own lives. If getting a free cup of coffee (yeah I know and a spinach feta wrap) made me smile and, hopefully, the coffee and chai latte received by the person behind me in line made him or her smile, imagine what a little good will by everyone would do to make this world a better place.


  1. Gravatar for Nancy

    Steph, was touched by this post today...even if it is by the fact that you & Hersch drive in together everyday together...

  2. Gravatar for Jessica Hoerman

    We like to start chains like that at our local Starbucks too. Its funny how a little thing like someone buying your spinach-feta wrap can change your day. Thanks for posting that Stephanie. It made me smile.

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